12th Annual


May 24, 2016
Harper Center, Creighton University

Dynamic Industry Keynotes

Katie Barton | Executive Director of Software Development, Gallup

Harry Campbell
| Author, 'Get-Real Leadership'

Aaron Thomas | Principal & Head Basketball Coach, Aplington-Parkersburg High School

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Innovation, Leadership, Agility
Enterprise, Architecture, Hybrid Storage
Security, Infrastructure, & More!

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Join Us At The Nebraska IT Symposium

May 24, 2016

At The Harper Center, Creighton University


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Planning Committee

Rex Earl

CSO & VP, Database Operations
Farm Credit Services of America

Robyn Messerly

IT Division Manager
Nebraska Furniture Mart

Scott Bowden

Director Operational Security

Tim Krueger

VP, IT & Security
Travel & Transport

Chad Tuttle

Director of Systems Infrastructure
Farm Credit Services

Chance Irvine

Director, IT Operations & Infrastructure

Advisory Committee

Lori Gigliotti

Director of Enrollment Services
Creighton University

David Bash

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Shawn Paskevic


Tim Kiteley

SilverStone Group

Jennifer Noteware

VP, Enterprise Technology Operations
West Corporation

Greg Keith

SVP, IT Tech Services
NEI Global Relocation

Gary Acromite

The Gavilon Group LLC

David Orchard

Director of Client Services
Kutak Rock LLP

Tracy Svevad

Client Management Director

George Royce

Professor of IT & Business
Creighton University

Bawn Froning

Sr Director, Global IT Operations
The Gavilon Group LLC

Andrew Buker

Director of Technical Services
University of Nebraska - Omaha

Daniel McDonald

Director of IT Services

Michael Hoyer

VP of IT
SAC Federal Credit Union

Ronnie Thomas

Associate Director
Werner Enterprises

Ron Kloewer

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
Join Us At The Nebraska IT Symposium

May 24, 2016

At The Harper Center, Creighton University


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7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: Breakfast Buffet Served

Seasonal Sliced Fresh Fruit & Berries Tray, Bakers Choice of Two Baked Goods, Served with Butter & Assorted Jellies. Choice of Hashbrowns or Home Fries, Choice of Two Breakfast Meats, Your Choice of Eggs or Quiches, Choice of Apple Pancakes or Traditional French Toast with warm Maple Syrup & Melted Butter, Chilled Bottled Orange Juice, Apple Juice & Cranberry Juice, Fresh Brewed Green Mountain Coffee and Green Mountain Decaffeinated Coffee, Celestial Herbal & Non-Herbal Teas to Include Decaffeinated Tea with Hot Water Included

8:20am - Harper Ballroom| Welcome Message

Diana Tedrow

Business Sales Director
8:30am - Harper Ballroom | Attracting, Engaging & Retaining the Next Generation of IT Experts

Katie Barton

Executive Director of Software Development

CIO’s across the world are facing new challenges and opportunities as the world of work begins to evolve at a rapid pace. Not only are their strategic shifts inside our workplaces, including the rise of the millennials and the sharing economy, but organizational demand for technology solutions – for their own organizations and the clients they serve – are increasing at a rapid rate. CIO’s need to consider every aspect of their workplace, from how they attract and engage talent, through to how they retain for the long term to future proof their strategies and organizations.

Katie Barton, Executive Director, Software Development and Services, at Gallup, will reveal analytics from Gallup’s ongoing tracking of workplaces in over 140 countries,  and advice from experience as a senior leader at Gallup’s Global Technology Campus which provides solutions and support for Gallup Associates and Clients in over 140 countries.

9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am - 3027 | Accelerating Transformation... With Data
sponsored by Info~Tech

John Roberts

Chief Learning & Development Architect

Despite a global IT spend of over $4 Trillion, 67% of CEOs & CIOs are misaligned on how IT should be enabling the business*.. With the dramatic increase in digital technology & the business’s appetite to understand and enable their own innovations through technology, CIOs are challenged with the need to rapidly understand business inputs, stakeholder satisfaction, and assess their own teams internal capabilities. Info-Tech has found too often this is done through ad-hoc and informal processes, making improvement hard to measure, and success impossible to define. A new model is needed to enable the CIO to rapidly make decisions, prove success & analyze challenges with DATA.

In this session Info-Tech will present how CIOs can overcome these challenges, and forge a new data driven approach to rapidly accelerate decision making, as well as measure the benefits of IT with DATA. Info-Tech will share insights from Info-Tech’s 3 year Stakeholder Satisfaction Study & how IT can enable transformation at unparalleled rates.

By the Numbers:

  1. 66% of CEOs don’t understand how to use IT to transform the business.
  2. 84% of IT Organizations score below 80% on IT satisfaction
  3. 43% of CIOs overestimate the size of their next budget.
  4. 78% of CEOs/CIOs are aligned on what IT issues impede innovation BUT are Highly Misaligned on the Business Barriers that Impede Innovation
  5. 72% of business leaders misjudge which services really matter to them

* Info-Techs CEO/CIO Alignment study

9:45am - 3029 | Thriving During Business Transitions
sponsored by CSS Staffing

Matt Spyers

Treehouse Foods

This session will focus on leadership lessons during times of significant change in organizations.  The intent is to share both Leadership Lessons and Technology Lessons.   I have been a part of a number of transitions and business transformations.  Each of these while they were with different companies each presented similar challenges and therefore common themes on the lessons learned.  We will focus our discussion on the common themes, the challenges faced and from that the leadership lessons learned. 
The foundation of our discussion is in the following statement:

  • You can’t guarantee the future, but you can guarantee how you will choose to lead as it unfolds.

It’s cliché, but preparing to respond effectively and taking the necessary steps to make sure you do as much of what is regularly required to be an effective leader.

9:45am - 3023B | How to Connect With Your Customers: 4 Simple Steps
sponsored by ServiceNow

Aruna Weerakoon

Operations Research Analyst
Nebraska Furniture Mart

Gloria Nichols

Business Intelligence Analyst
Nebraska Furniture Mart

As the amount and quality of customer data has increased, companies have been provided with the opportunity to improve their conversations with customers. At Nebraska Furniture Mart, our goal is to take less time marketing to our customers and more time connecting with them. We have developed a process to help us talk to the right customer, at the right time, about the right product. This presentation will cover the four step cycle we use to create and enhance that connection.

9:45am - 3023 South | Cybersecurity 2016 & Beyond - The New Normal

Rex Earl

Chief Security Officer & VP of Database Operations
Farm Credit Services of America

Jake Foiles

Special Agent
FBI Cyber Task Force

Scott Bowden

Director Operational Security

Technology continues to evolve as the network perimeter evaporates into the cloud and electrons become the new global currency. Enterprises are continuously challenged by an elusive and morphing cyber threat from bad actors and opportunists who use the vulnerabilities in our Information Systems as weapons. From fraudsters to nation state-sponsored cyber warfare, these attacks come at us from every direction as the ingenuity of criminal minds seek new and creative ways to infiltrate our valuable information resources and engage in cyber warfare against our businesses and our way of life--compromising our financial and national security. We are bombarded daily with newspaper headlines and digital media reports about the latest cyber security breach.  This breakout session will allow our panel of security experts the opportunity to share hard won experience and best practices.

10:30am - | Networking Break
11:00am - | Breakout Sessions
11:00am - 3027 | How Will You Take Advantage of Innovations That Happen Only Once Every Decade?
sponsored by Oracle

Matthew O'Keefe

Corporate Technologist

While the Cloud revolution is in progress, gaining a clear competitive advantage that provides your organization and customers significant business value with minimum risk will continue to be a strategic goal.  What are your deployment choices?  Which one will allow you to move workload seamlessly and securely from on-premise to the public cloud?  How can you ensure that your business transformation yields a secure information fortress?  This presentation will share how to transform your business addressing these challenges all while achieving significant cost savings and assuring deeply integrated security.

11:00am - 3029 | Retail Innovation at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Robyn Messerly

IT Division Manager
Nebraska Furniture Mart

Learn what Nebraska Furniture Mart is doing to engage their customers, remove friction from the shopping experience, and brand their stores through digital technology and exciting new innovative tools.

11:00am - 3023B | Trends, Challenges & Insights Shaping Local IT: Midwest IT Survey Results
sponsored by TierPoint

Jason Black

General Manager

The Midwest is a technology landscape all its own.  With so many national surveys conducted every year, we found the need to uncover the distinct factors that shape our diverse technology market.  So, we decided to collect data on just that.  Learn what other local technology leaders are doing and the challenges they face during this exclusive session. 

11:00am - 3023 South | Advanced Threat Detection and Mitigation through SourceFire Virtual Defense Center
sponsored by Marco

Nick See

Sr Security Analyst
Fishback Financial Corporation

Chris Kreul

Fishback Financial Corporation

Advanced persistent threats, exploits, and other vulnerabilities pose a great risk to organizations' physical, intellectual, and financial assets.  Having a comprehensive solution in place to detect and mitigate various cyber attacks is key to helping secure networks from both internal and external threats.

11:45am - Hot Lunch Buffet Served

Antipasto Platter, Caesar Salad with Homemade Croutons, Fresh Baked Crusty Rolls, Sauteed Fresh Zucchini, Pasta Bar with Spaghetti and Penne Pasta, Marinara Sauce & Pesto Cream Sauce. Home-style Meatballs in Marinara Sauce or Traditional Chicken Cacciatore, Parmesean Cheese, Tiramisu or Mini Cannolis, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea.

12:40pm - Harper Ballroom| Keynote Introduction

Tim Krueger

VP, IT & Security
Travel & Transport
12:45pm - Harper Ballroom | Get-Real Leadership

Harry Campbell

'Get-Real Leadership'

Reflecting back to time spent with one of his professional role models, Sam Walton, Harry S. Campbell takes the tenants of servant leadership and infuses them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies. What results is an empowering and fresh approach to managing people and business that Campbell calls Get-Real Leadership.

1:30pm - | Networking Break
2:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:00pm - 3027 | What the Board of Directors Should Ask About Cybersecurity (Or What You Should Tell Them)

James O'Connor

Baird Holm LLP

Your organization must understand and approach cybersecurity as an enterprise-wide risk management issue. It is imperative that cyber security preparedness not be relegated only to the IT department but also have Board-level visibility. This session will discuss the critical steps in establishing and investing in a data security and incident response program with a focus on board accountability and oversight.

2:00pm - 3029 | Securely Adopt Any Technology
sponsored by Okta

Halim Cho

Director, Strategic Solutions

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is foundational in its ability to securely connect employees, partners, and customers to the collection of tools they need to be most productive. In this session, Halim Cho, Director of Strategic Solutions, will share how Identity as a Service uniquely connects to any application, as well as desktop and mobile devices, to deliver a seamless and inherently secure experience for your users.

2:00pm - 3023B | What Every IT Leader Should Know About Mobile App Development
sponsored by FNTS

Ray Baumbach

Director of Application Development
NE Book Company

Shawn Kretschmer

Director of Emerging Technology

Enterprise mobile application development is a hot topic among IT leaders. Attend this session to learn about the newest trends in mobile application development, if mobile application is right for your organization, and the impact it will have on your business and your customers.

2:00pm - 3023 South | Innovating - Maintaining the Competitive Edge

Dave Martin

SVP - Chief Strategy Officer
Farm Credit Services of America

Stephen Held

Leo A. Daly

Rob Wiebusch


How do organizations remain competitive in the fast paced ever-changing interconnected and interdependent world? Innovation is one of the keys to gain and sustain competitive advantage.  How do successful companies build a culture of innovation to drive and sustain competitive advantage? Hear these C-Suite executives share their knowledge, experiences, challenges and working relationships that make innovation a part of the organizations culture.

2:45pm - | Networking Break
3:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - 3027 | Information Security Offense & Defense: Demonstration of How a Hack Happens & How to Best Prevent It
sponsored by BlueAlly

Gene Abramov

Depth Security

We’ll walk through some brief statistics of the information security landscape followed by a step-by-step real-world example of an attack chain in which initial exploitation, privilege escalation and catastrophic compromise of an organization’s data and systems can occur. Then we’ll discuss what people, process and/or technologies could have prevented the attack at each step of the attack chain.   

3:00pm - 3029 | Security in the New Business World: The Challenges of Today's CIO/CISO
sponsored by Info~Tech

John Roberts

Chief Learning & Development Architect

The tidal forces of the IT industry and how new security threats are affecting CIOs and CISOs in their missions of protection and moving forward. The role of the CIO and CISO is rapidly converging, where the CIO needs to be security savvy and the CISO needs to be a strong business-minded partner. During this session we will discuss:

  • The “tidal forces” that are affecting every business moving forward from a business and operational perspective.
  • How the “classic security models” are evolving – and how security technology and resource allocation need to evolve with the new models.
  • How the inherent nature of data protection is evolving along with the unavoidable “tidal forces” affecting business operations today.
  • How to start thinking about how to tackle these issues, plan for them, and evolve your security strategy to meet and exceed your 
3:00pm - 3023 B| Marketing Essentials for IT Leaders (That’s Right - IT Management is Really a Marketing Job)
sponsored by CSS Staffing

Kevin Needham

Medical Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, IT leaders have a lot of responsibilities. One minute, you’re overseeing the new security program your business group has been asking for. The next minute you’re designing a new mobile application from scratch and researching new partners to help implement the idea. With all of these different job requirements, it’s hard to imagine there is an even more important role: Marketing. Whether it’s overseeing the launch of a new IT initiative or negotiating with a technology vendor, the ability to market your ideas - and yourself - are important to success in IT. This session will discuss basic marketing principles and show you how to apply them so that you can be more effective as an IT Leader.

3:00pm - 3023 South | Gordmans Netapp Flash Storage Experience
sponsored by IP Pathways

John Schenck

IT Enterprise Systems Manager

Business Impact of Netapp Flash Storage

3:45pm - | Networking Break
3:55pm - Harper Ballroom | Keynote Introduction

Shawn Paskevic



4:00pm - Harper Ballroom | Opportunities & Platform: Overcoming Adversity

Aaron Thomas

Principal & Head Basketball Coach
Aplington-Parkersburg High School

Holding true to what you believe is important in life and it will be tested in the most difficult situations.  How will you react when life surprises you with adversity?  Life presents you with opportunities in both good and bad situations but how an individual responds to those opportunities are crucial.  Aaron will challenge you to look at your life, your family, and your job to see if you are maximizing the circumstances you are presented with.

4:45pm - Harper Ballroom | Closing Remarks

Shawn Paskevic



4:50pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.


What Our Attendees Say.

Customer Testimonails

The symposium is an excellent networking opportunity to ask questions of peers from the local area!

Rex Earl Chief Security Officer, CISSP-ISSAP
VP-DataBase Operations
Farm Credit Services of America
Customer Testimonails

This is an affordable way for local IT professionals to come together for a full day of learning and networking! I look forward to this even every year!

Robyn Messerly IT Division Manager
Nebraska Furniture Mart
Join Us At The Nebraska IT Symposium

May 24, 2016

At The Harper Center, Creighton University


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