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Country Springs Hotel, Pewaukee, WI

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Join Us At The Wisconsin IT Symposium

May 4, 2016

At The Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee
Milwaukee IT Leadership Forum

Hosted by:

The Milwaukee IT Leadership Forum was created by EFM and IT leaders from the Milwaukee area. The primary mission of the Forum is to connect the senior IT leaders of organizations within Wisconsin, along with their respective senior managers, for the purpose of collaboration on common IT issues, objectives, and solutions.

The Forum meets monthly to discuss topics such as; Disaster Recovery, IT Security, IT Recruitment & Training and many others that are relevant to its members.

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Click here to view the hard working people responsible for making this event happen.

Bill Caraher

vonBriesen & Roper, S.C.

VP/Membership: James Tarala

Conarc Inc

Secretary: John Hillmer

Director of IT Operations & Infrastructure
Northwestern Mutual

Brandon Bailey

Strategist & Director of Technology
Ox Optimal

Michael Lehman

Batteries Plus

Nigel Longworth

VP of IT & CIO
Herzig University

Vicki Leinbach

Ariens Company

Scott Noles

IT Manager
JH Findorff & Sons

David Stack

Interim Associate Vice President & CIO
University of Wisconsin System

Kathy J Lang

Marquette University

Claude Scher

IT Enterprise Portfolio Manager
Miller Coors

Thomas (TJ) Rains

VP of Information Services/CIO
Cardinal Stritch University

Nancy Olson

City of Milwaukee

Jan Knutson

VP Information Systems & Tech
Foot Locker, Inc

Mike Biagioli

Waukesha County

Michael J O'Brien

Jacobus Energy

Steve Joy

Technology Manager
ER Wagner Mfg Co

Shelley Seewald

Director of IT Client Services
Robert W Baird & Co

Gary Branger

SAP Leader
Caterpillar Global Mining

Randall Witt

Director - IT
Briggs & Stratton

Robert Beck

Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Join Us At The Wisconsin IT Symposium

May 4, 2016

At The Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee


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7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: Breakfast Buffet Served

Breakfast Menu

8:20am - Grand Ballroom | Welcome Message


8:30am - Grand Ballroom | The Wall Was Coming At Me So Fast... Lessons Learned On The Speed of Seemingly Immovable Objects

Bryce Austin

Strategist & Public Speaker
TCE Strategy

Automobile racing goes from smooth sailing to out of control in a very short timespan. So does cybersecurity. Learn from someone that had a "resume generating event" due to one of the largest data breaches of the past several years, and what could have been done beforehand to prevent the brach from ever taking place. The budget required to bring necessary focus to technology security can be elusive, and the user experience is often in opposition to security "best practices." How do we as technology leaders use these new requirements to our company's advantage? How can we make our companies more secure AND more profitable? What do new technologies offer to combine an improved user experience with tightened security? These questions will be the focus of this session.

9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am -Woodfield A | How Will You Take Advantage of Innovations That Happen Only Once Every Decade?
sponsored by Oracle

Francessca Vasquez

Group Vice President, Cloud & Infrastructure

While the Cloud revolution is in progress, gaining a clear competitive advantage that provides your organization and customers significant business value with minimum risk will continue to be a strategic goal.  What are your deployment choices?  Which one will allow you to move workload seamlessly and securely from on-premise to the public cloud?  How can you ensure that your business transformation yields a secure information fortress?  This presentation will share how to transform your business addressing these challenges all while achieving significant cost savings and assuring deeply integrated security.

9:45am -Woodfield BC | Stop Shaming your Customers

Sarah Alt

IT Director, Customer Engagement
Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Here’s a story you might have read before. Some internal business customers came to us with a technology solution they built themselves to solve a business problem. They realized modernizing the solution was in the enterprise’s best interest. They showed us a demo. And when the customers left the room, I heard: “They didn’t show us their requirements. They only showed us a solution.”

It’s no wonder customers don’t want to do business with IT.

Join Sarah for a discussion on how IT can rebrand itself and its customers to achieve greater success. Step #1: Stop Shaming Your Customers. (Spoiler alert: There is no Step #2.)

9:45am -Woodfield D | IT Maturity - Technology Team Transformation & Accountability
sponsored by InfoBlox

Jeremy Tews

Director of Technology Enterprise Infrastructure, IS
Medical College of Wisconsin

Over the past 2 years MCW has been on a path of team and business transformation. From insourcing an entire infrastructure IT staff to building a program around team commitment, stability, reliability, and performance; this lecture will share with you some of the challenges and strategies that has helped MCW transform their IT business.

This lecture goes a bit beyond the technology and focuses more on approach strategies to help manage the ever-changing demands and shifts in strategy that give IT teams pause every day. We will learn about some of MCW’s challenges and how a ‘mature’ IT Team can rise to any challenge that comes their way.

9:45am - Meadowbrook West | Cybersecurity 2016 & Beyond - The New Normal

Clint Laskowski

IT Security Manager
Milliman IntelliScript

Bernd Huber

Director of Infrastructure Security
Northwestern Mutual

Michael Goetzman

Director of IT
Master Lock

Casey Cammilleri

Sr Information Assurance

Technology continues to evolve as the network perimeter evaporates into the cloud and electrons become the new global currency. Enterprises are continuously challenged by an elusive and morphing cyber threat from bad actors and opportunists who use the vulnerabilities in our Information Systems as weapons. From fraudsters to nation state-sponsored cyber warfare, these attacks come at us from every direction as the ingenuity of criminal minds seek new and creative ways to infiltrate our valuable information resources and engage in cyber warfare against our businesses and our way of life--compromising our financial and national security. We are bombarded daily with newspaper headlines and digital media reports about the latest cyber security breach. This breakout session will allow our panel of Executives the opportunity to share hard won experience and best practices with the Wisconsin IT Symposium audience.

10:30am - | Networking Break
11:00am - | Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Woodfield A | Accelerating Transformation... With Data
sponsored by Info~Tech

John Roberts

Chief Learning & Development Architect

Despite a global IT spend of over $4 Trillion, 67% of CEOs & CIOs are misaligned on how IT should be enabling the business*.. With the dramatic increase in digital technology & the business’s appetite to understand and enable their own innovations through technology, CIOs are challenged with the need to rapidly understand business inputs, stakeholder satisfaction, and assess their own teams internal capabilities. Info-Tech has found too often this is done through ad-hoc and informal processes, making improvement hard to measure, and success impossible to define. A new model is needed to enable the CIO to rapidly make decisions, prove success & analyze challenges with DATA. 
In this session Info-Tech will present how CIOs can overcome these challenges, and forge a new data driven approach to rapidly accelerate decision making, as well as measure the benefits of IT with DATA. Info-Tech will share insights from Info-Tech’s 3 year Stakeholder Satisfaction Study & how IT can enable transformation at unparalleled rates. 
By the Numbers:

  1. 66% of CEOs don’t understand how to use IT to transform the business.
  2. 84% of IT Organizations score below 80% on IT satisfaction
  3. 43% of CIOs overestimate the size of their next budget.
  4. 78% of CEOs/CIOs are aligned on what IT issues impede innovation BUT are Highly Misaligned on the Business Barriers that Impede Innovation
  5. 72% of business leaders misjudge which services really matter to them

* Info-Techs CEO/CIO Alignment study

11:00am - Woodfield BC | LEADERSHIP Is Not Just For The CEO

Andrea Justad


Join Andrea for an engaging discussion on how to quickly be more effective with peers, managers, clients, team members, community members and more!

11:00am - Woodfield D | Hybrid IT: Which, When, Why, How
sponsored by TierPoint

Craig Hurley

VP Product Management

Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Colocation can all be spelled “confusing.” It’s not the technology that’s so challenging: it’s the dizzying array of choices and options that are available. On one side, businesses can utilize the cloud, colocation or a combination of the two to sculpt the perfect solution to meet even highly idiosyncratic needs. On the other side, the exponential number of possible configurations can overwhelm.

With a nearly infinite mix of “hybrid” options, how do you determine which – or what combination – is the right solution, and in what contexts?  The answer depends entirely on the needs of your business and the clients you serve. During this session, TierPoint’s Craig Hurley will offer recommendations to help you assess your current situation, including:

Defining public cloud, private cloud and colocation, and identifying strengths and weaknesses of each
Strategies to bridge the gap between multiple platforms
Things to consider when planning for your unique needs

11:00am - Meadowbrook West | Boomers, GenX & Millennials - Next Gen Workforce Challenges

Michael J O'Brien

Jacobus energy

Gary Branger

SAP Leader
Caterpiollar Global Mining

Andrew Glubisz

Patient Care

Jeffrey Thomas

Forward Health Group

Francois Estellon

Gardner Denver

Is your organization prepared for the increased competition and demands of attracting and retaining the future workforce? Companies will face significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent in the years ahead as retiring baby boomers are replaced by a workforce that is younger, more diverse, more mobile and more reliant on information and communication technologies. What are the generation gaps from a technology talent and end-user perspective? How can the generations dispel their negative stereotypes? IT leaders need to keep the peace and keep the lights on while developing a sense of urgency about the challenges and changes ahead.

11:45am - Hot Lunch Buffet Served

Lunch Menu

12:40pm - Grand Ballroom | Keynote Introduction


12:45pm - Grand Ballroom | 11 Secrets of Engaged Employees

Kevin Jones

Business Coach & International Speaker

Over 70% of the workforce is disengaged from their work; in other words they are there for the paycheck.  And although you may create great solutions and develop the best systems and technology, unless employees are engaged you will find that adoption of your solutions will be severely lacking.  Focusing on employee engagement may not seem like an IT responsibility, but without it too many initiatives will not meet expectations.  During this keynote you will be introduced to the 11 secrets that create engaged employees - ones that are ready to adopt your technology.

2016 Wisconsin IT Symposium from Kevin Jones on Vimeo.

1:30pm - | Networking Break
2:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:00pm - Woodfield A | Legal Review: 10 Things to Check Before Signing License Agreements, SaaS Agreements & Vendor Contracts

Linda Emery

vonBriesen & Roper SC


2:00pm - Woodfield BC | Evolution of IT Infrastructure & How Storage Can Be a Non-Issue in Your Data Center
sponsored by Tintri

Justin Lauer

Virtualization & Storage Evangelist

Jerry Bishop

Director of Technology
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren sc

Justin Lauer, Tintri Global Evangelist and Jerry Bishop, Director of Technology, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. will discuss the evolving IT Infrastructure landscape and how a Tintri Storage System can create a non-issue environment for your enterprise. Rather than obsess with storage, leaders focus on the business applications that drive value-and that requires that they keep storage simple. Join our session to learn more.

2:00pm - Woodfield D | Building the Foundation for Enterprise Service Management
sponsored by ServiceNow

Greg Thoreson

Business Architect
Oshkosh Corporation

As more companies begin to have an Enterprise Service Management vision for their organizations, it’s critical to make strategic architectural decisions early on that enable future expansion on you platform – even if you are not planning on doing it right now. This session will discuss key choices Oshkosh Corporation made up front in areas like data architecture, enterprise wide user data, and tool configurations that will save time for future extensions into other business areas inside or outside of IT. Join Greg Thoreson from Oshkosh Corporation to learn some of the key decisions you can make and how it can help set you up for future success.

2:00pm - Meadowbrook West | Storage Migration to Flash: The Unexpected Business Benefits
sponsored by Pure Storage

Bill Krause

Director of IT

While traditional disk systems have used hybrid or tired storage for many years, the cost and benefit from abandoning traditional systems and spinning disk is significant. Lessons learned and the business and technical benefits from moving storage to an all flash array based on recent migrations.

2:45pm - | Networking Break
3:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Woodfield A | Security in the New Business World: The Challenges of Today's CIO/CISO
sponsored by Info~Tech

John Roberts

Chief Learning & Development Architect

The tidal forces of the IT industry and how new security threats are affecting CIOs and CISOs in their missions of protection and moving forward. The role of the CIO and CISO is rapidly converging, where the CIO needs to be security savvy and the CISO needs to be a strong business-minded partner. During this session we will discuss:

  • The “tidal forces” that are affecting every business moving forward from a business and operational perspective.
  • How the “classic security models” are evolving – and how security technology and resource allocation need to evolve with the new models.
  • How the inherent nature of data protection is evolving along with the unavoidable “tidal forces” affecting business operations today.
  • How to start thinking about how to tackle these issues, plan for them, and evolve your security strategy to meet and exceed your 
3:00pm - Woodfield BC | Learn How Burwood Group Quickly/Easily/Successfully Mobilized Their Existing Applications to Drive Business Growth and Productivity
sponsored by Capriza

Melissa Baker

Principal Consultant
Burwood Group

Companies have invested millions of dollars and decades of work into Customizing their Business Applications only to find that complex user experiences (UX) have hindered their ability to achieve real productivity and business growth. For years, users have had to adapt to the one-size-fits-all paradigm of Enterprise Applications, creating a UX barrier to adoption of those Applications.  Join this session to learn how radical mobile design technology that transforms existing Business Applications into Beautifully Designed, Personal, and Smart enterprise mobile apps is enabling Burwood Group to have immediate, accurate updates to backend Applications to drive business health.  Hear Sinead Aylward, Managing Consultant - Business Communications and Applications, talk about the journey of going mobile and enabling their organization to complete critical time-sensitive tasks in less than a minute of time.  Mobility truly can be delivered in a matter of weeks - and WITHOUT requiring IT to invest additional resources into new APIs, new coding, new security, and Application upgrades.

3:00pm - Woodfield D | SharePoint as a Project Management Office Tool
sponsored by Concurrency

Mike Biagioli

Waukesha County

Waukesha County’s Information Technology Division is involved in about 70+ “Projects” each year.  Presenting the current status and project health has been a real challenge for the Division.  Several PMO tools have been tried over the past years, all with varying degrees of success.  However, none of them presented all the information desired on those projects at a summary level.

Since the Information Technology Division was already using SharePoint as their repository for the detailed project information, we decide to evolve a “Dashboard view” of the project information directly from SharePoint.

Now the project information is presented in a series of graphical reports that pull the financial information for the project directly from our Financial Management system and project information from the detailed reports.  This information is as current as daily, since the fiscal information is imported that often.

Join us and learn how this has changed the way we operate and become more efficient.

3:45pm - | Networking Break
3:55pm - Grand Ballroom | Keynote Introduction


4:00pm - Grand Ballroom | From Internships to Advisory Roles & Board Rooms - Stories & Pathways for Getting Ahead in IT

Bill Caraher

vonBriesen & Roper SC

Bill Caraher is the CIO and Director of Operations at the top ranked, Wisconsin law firm of von Briesen & Roper.  Bill is excited to share his professional journey from Intern to CIO and discuss how anyone at any level in IT can move up the ranks and stand out from the crowd. Aside from his day job, Bill is an adjunct professor, has served in technology advisory roles and on boards of directors.  Bill’s latest side project is focusing on opening doors for Milwaukee’s inner city youth who have a passion for IT but no pathway to get there.  This TED style talk will be worth sticking around for and will be a great way to close out the day.

4:45pm - Grand Ballroom | Closing Remarks




4:50pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.

Join Us At The Wisconsin IT Symposium

May 4, 2016

At The Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee


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