About Us

efm Events, a division of Executive Functions Management, Inc. www.efmevents.com is an information technology-focused event management and production company. The portfolio of efm Events range from branded events such as the IT Symposium series or the Emerging Technology Showcase series – to the managed events for industry groups such as SIM & local technology councils.

efm Events are purposefully targeted and focused in an effort to streamline the networking and relationship building amongst IT professionals and technology suppliers. We are able to accomplish producing these valuable and targeted events through the partnerships with IT leaders in each region we produce an event. Through a network of forum management handled in the efm Groups division www.efmgroups.com, efm Events are tied specifically to the needs of the region’s IT leaders

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Annual Grand Rapids IT Symposium
    June 11th, 2015

  • 3rd Annual Houston IT Symposium
    August 6th, 2015

  • 10th Annual Oklahoma IT Symposium
    August 19th, 2015

  • 3rd Annual Fort Worth IT Symposium
    August 25th, 2015

  • 12th Annual Indiana IT Symposium
    August 27th, 2015

  • 15th Annual Minnesota IT Symposium
    September 15th, 2015

  • 6th Annual San Antonio IT Symposium
    September 16th, 2015

  • Memphis Strategy Series
    September 30th, 2015

  • 6th Annual Idaho IT Symposium
    October 6, 2015

  • 5th Annual Nashville IT Symposium
    October 27, 2015

  • 8th Annual Siouxland IT Symposium
    October 29th, 2015

  • 7th Annual Utah IT Symposium
    November 4th, 2015

  • 13th Annual Iowa IT Symposium
    November 5th, 2015

  • Boston Tech Lead Summit
    November 12th, 2015

  • 2015 TBA

  • KCIT Symposium
    2015 TBA

  • 7th Annual Nevada IT Symposium
    2016 TBA

  • 8th Annual Arizona IT Symposium
    2016 TBA

  • 3rd Annual Albany IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • 8th Annual Colorado IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • 4th Annual Arkansas IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • G2i Conference
    May 11th, 2016

  • 14th Annual Milwaukee IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • 8th Annual North Dakota IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • Seattle Tech Lead Summit
    2016 TBD

  • 11th Annual Nebraska IT Symposium
    2016 TBD

  • 2nd Annual Louisville IT Symposium
    June 2nd, 2015